Ranma ½ - 19: The Abduction of P-chan

Title:Ranma ½
Episode:19: The Abduction of P-chan
When Akane loses P-chan at the skating rink Azusa finds him, names him Charlotte, and refuses to give him back! When her skating partner, Mikado, arrives and starts to put the moves on Akane, Ranma loses his cool. Later, Mikado kisses female-Ranma! The solution? The Charlotte Cup!
First Season of Ranma 1/2 Nettôhen. Original Air Date: 11/17/89. Because of low ratings, the first series (or season) was taken off the air. The series was then reintroduced as Ranma 1/2 Nettôhen and the ratings increased. All episodes dealing with the Golden Pair in this season were suppose to be in the first season, but were skipped to quickly introduce Shampoo in the series.

Opening Theme (19-40): Little Date

Ending Theme (19-40): Don't Mind Lay-Lay Boy (Don't Mind China Boy)

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