Haunted Junction - 12: Everything Gained is Lost! A Garden of Hope?!

Title:Haunted Junction
Episode:12: Everything Gained is Lost! A Garden of Hope?!
Now that Haruto has helped Nanjo exorcise the school spirits, he, Asahina, and Kazumi are given the ex-Chairman's possessions to do with as they will. Haruto gets a strange box, from which a voice calling itself "Hope" asks to be released. But while he sees visions of the Chairman ordering him not to open the box, Asahina and Kazumi reason that it contains some sort of fairy that will grant them a wish--to revive the school spirits.
I can't tell you too much, seeing as this is the final episode (and the conclusion of a two-parter), but I think the way the series wrapped up was pretty neat--especially a new take on the standard gag having to do with how individual episodes end.

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