Haunted Junction - 11: Dissolution! Termination? The Holy Student Council

Title:Haunted Junction
Episode:11: Dissolution! Termination? The Holy Student Council
The Ministry of Education's High School Spirits Policy Department has sent Nanjo (a.k.a. "Exorcist Joe") to exterminate the spirits roaming Saito High once and for all. He wants Haruto to help him, but Haruto is torn between his wish for an ordinary school where he can concentrate on his studies, and the friendship he has developed towards the seven school spirits. This episode ends with a cliffhanger that will be resolved in the final episode.
Though at least one major website didn't like the unusually serious two-part conclusion to Haunted Junction, I think these episodes give the series a sort of legitimacy--that is, they make it more than just another off-the-wall comedy/toilet humor show.

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