Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki - 13.5: Here Comes Jurai Part II

Title:Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki
Episode:13.5: Here Comes Jurai Part II
While Ryoko is held captive in the device Washu normally has Tenchi in, Mihoshi pops into Washu's lab for a visit. She informs Washu of Doctor Clay's reactions to her gift to which Washu gets much amusement. It turns out that neither Dr. Clay nor the Ryoko-Zero can recall anything about Lady Tokimi. After Mihoshi leaves, Ryoko pleads to be released while Washu secretly records her from the shadows remarking that "this is what motherhood is all about."

Meanwhile D3 reports to Lady Tokimi that he has blocked the memories of Clay and Zero concerning her. Tokimi ponders events including why Tsunami and Washu are in that dimention. She gives orders for Tenchi not to be harmed.
(AstroNerdBoy 03/18/2003)

This is only about 10 minutes long and contains no animation. A series of stills are shown with the various voice actors doing their thing. This obviously is meant to set the table for the 3rd OAV series which is due to come out sometime in 2003.

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