Hand Maid May - 9: Besides That... I Believe You

Title:Hand Maid May
Episode:9: Besides That... I Believe You
Nanbara is confronted by a terrifying, superhero-like charachter who identifies himself as "Commando Z, the wandering president of Cyberdyne". Though they don't get along all that well, it turns out that the two have a lot in common! Commando Z has come to deal with a potentially fatal "virus" that is afflicting all of the Cyberdolls--except May...
When Commando Z first appeared at the end of the last episode, I began to worry that the series was going to go weird on me. Well, it has, but it turns out I don't mind because it has also gone hilarious! I loved the scene where Z and Nanbara argue over which of them is behaving disrespectfully towards the other! In spite of the crisis which has been brought about by the virus, I think this episode quite possibly contained more humor than the previous 8 combined! Also amusing was the bizarre twist in the plot of Rena's favorite soap opera.

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