Hand Maid May - 5: Until Today, I've Really...

Title:Hand Maid May
Episode:5: Until Today, I've Really...
Kazuya is resigned to the fact that he can never afford to pay for May, but is persuaded to take her out to an amusement park so that they can enjoy what time they have left together. Afterwards, Sara finally catches up to him and reclaims May. However, all may not be lost as "Cyber X", the mysterious android(?) who has been showing up from time to time, appears in Kazuya's apartment and makes a tantalizing offer...
Stretch 5/14/04:
I had been kind of discouraged at the quality of HMM up to this point, feeling there was too much panty-flashing at the expense of plot and good jokes, but with this episode the series seems to take a dramatic turn for the better. I detect a good deal more cleverness and sophistication than the previous episodes had. Best of all was the surprising way May changed during this one!

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