Hand Maid May - 3: What Should I Do?

Title:Hand Maid May
Episode:3: What Should I Do?
Sara sends for yet another Cyberdoll to get May back, since she has observed that Kazuya is "spineless" around women. The problem is, she has no idea what this new Cyberdoll will look like--a high school student? a waitress? a policewoman?
More than once, while reading reviews on other websites, I've come across the suggestion that the male lead in these "artificial maid" shows is intentionally depicted as shy and spineless so that any male viewer could imagine himself taking the guy's place amid a wonderful harem of beautiful girls. Anyway, an okay episode, though I found Rena to be somewhat annoying. I hope the show's makers were not seriously hoping that some male viewers would find her "attractive"! (yuck!)

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