Hand Maid May - 10: My Best

Title:Hand Maid May
Episode:10: My Best
Apparently the deadly Cyberdoll virus was created within May when she was converted from 1/6 scale to full size. Commando Z has time-travelled from the future to the present day in an attempt to discover the virus' origins and head it off. Since she seems to be immune to it, May volunteers to be infected with the virus in order to allow further study. Nevertheless, something very precious is at risk here...
Not bad at all! I was sure the series would take the easy way out, and May would turn out to have some sort of previously unknown ability which would solve all the problems, and everybody would live happily ever after. Instead, I much prefer the way things really did end, even if May has been "reinitialized". The question of "who will Kazuya choose--May or Kasumi?" has been neatly sidestepped. Also nice is the way Nanbara has been effectively converted from the arrogant, selfish bastard he started out as into a likeable charachter. After all, it was his sabotaged computer program that resulted in May appearing in the first place, and now there's a sort of poetic justice in the sense that the feelings he has developed for her tie him closely to her fate. This series, which initially left me unimpressed, really came together nicely in the last two episodes.

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