Shingeki no Kyojin - 21: Crushing Blow / 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls (pt 5)

Title:Shingeki no Kyojin
Episode:21: Crushing Blow / 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls (pt 5)
Ok, episodes 20-21 will probably mark the point at which I lost track altogether of whatever logic is behind the plot of this show. Characters are now casually drawing irrational, even absurd conclusions; and while I was previously prepared to suspend belief and accept whatever bizarre laws of physics and biology seemed to be in effect in this alternate world, I have reached a point where my credulousness is strained to the breaking point. It almost seems as if everything which has happened in the series up until this point has been cast away and an even more bizarre (if that is possible) plotline is replacing the original one. The Titans go from mindless beings that just like to gobble up whatever humans they can get their hands on into clever, scheming people who might just be able to outsmart the humans--especially since the growth of their intelligence seems concurrent with a drop in that of the humans. Could this be the all too familiar point at which an anime overtakes a manga, and since there's no longer any pre-established plot to adapt, the anime is authorized to invent one of its own? I felt an almost irresistible temptation to violate my standing rules and immediately watch part of the next episode, to get an idea of what the hell is going on. This show really knows how to 'play' its viewers; it infuriates and bewilders us (why the blank didn't Eren finish off his opponent while he had it on the ground?), but has gotten us so addicted that we wouldn't think of quitting watching. It throws us a crumb now and then, when the humans manage to kill some minor Titans, or injure a major one. But the humans keep failing, and failing, and failing. It makes our blood boil and we want revenge, but that seems less and less likely to ever happen. Maybe it's all a clever move to build things up for an incredibly cathartic conclusion; or maybe somebody doesn't realize that there are limits to the patience of even an ShinKyo viewer. Even a show as smooth as this one can't do this forever. I can't help feeling that the message which the writer(s) are sending us at this point is 'The Titans can do anything; go f--- yourself'!

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