Shingeki no Kyojin - 05: First Battle / Defense of Trost (pt 1)

Title:Shingeki no Kyojin
Episode:05: First Battle / Defense of Trost (pt 1)
Episode five was terrifying, as the highly trained soldiers take on the Titans for the first time and things don't exactly go smoothly for them. It was an all too rare anime in which I prayed that the last few seconds before the ED sequence wouldn't end, because there is a massive cliffhanger. There is something both repulsive and fascinating about creatures who apparently have no goal in life but to devour humans (even though they don't have to in order to survive). What sort of death could be more demeaning than to be swallowed like an anchovy by a creature with a stupid grin on it's face? The Titans are human enough to hate for being evil, but not human enough to get much of a sense of victory if you manage to kill one, which only makes them even more invulnerable. The claims which have been made about the capabilities of the Titans are getting hard to believe, however. They may even be able to vanish into thin air, for example. All these amazing abilities are going to require a lot of explanation, and I just hope that the explanation is forthcoming at some point, because it would be a massive cop-out if it wasn't. And the humans use a mix of swords and primitive muzzle-loading cannons and muskets, but have these compressed gas powered mobility suits as well? But this is most certainly the way action is supposed to be done--real people who we have gotten to know are putting their lives on the line, not nameless nobodies who we couldn't care less about.

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