Shingeki no Kyojin - 01: To You, 2000 Years From Now / Fall of Shiganshina (pt 1)

Title:Shingeki no Kyojin
Episode:01: To You, 2000 Years From Now / Fall of Shiganshina (pt 1)
Early on, this seemed like it would be all about wild action but with little substance otherwise; the premise seemed kind of bizarre and hard to take seriously, too. But ShinKyo did a good job of shaping up afterwards, and I ended up intrigued by it. We are introduced to a number of likeable and believable characters; Eren hates living penned up within the city walls, and wants to join the patrol unit which ventures outside to seek intelligence about giants. Mikasa speaks little but when angry scares other boys more than Eren does. Hannes is a kind of lazy watchman who seems frustrated with his life. A number of other characters are started as well, which suggests that a sophisticated plot lies ahead. This show is rich with detail whereas many shows don't tell us anything more than the absolute minimum we need to know in order to follow the plot. Everything these people had taken for granted comes crashing down when the Titans breach the city walls, which they had been taught were invulnerable by the wish of God himself. A genuinely chilling scene, something that is all too rare in 'action' shows, ends the opening episode. Where will things go from here? Will the Titans also manage to break through the two additional walls that surround the center of the city? I want to know. I started out with low expectations for ShinKyo, but was pleasantly surprised.

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