Amagami SS Short Animations - 6: Ayatsuji Tsukasa arc: Melon Bread

Title:Amagami SS Short Animations
Episode:6: Ayatsuji Tsukasa arc: Melon Bread
Tsukasa and Jun'ichi are still busy with preparations for the school festival; Tsukasa scolds Jun'ichi for still making too many mistakes. On their way home Tsukasa detects a sweet smell in the air which turns out to come from a van offering freshly baked melon bread. Tsukasa returns with a huge load of melon bread that she got for free by showing her sweet fake smile; and as Jun'ichi's hands are full with materials, Tsukasa begins to feed him.
[2012-04-11, Devil Doll:]
The most interesting one of these short scenes, showing what a nice girl Tsukasa can be - or should we say "nasty bitch"? This short clip shows very well why she's the outstanding character of this franchise.

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