Amagami SS Short Animations - 3: Nakata Sae arc: Birthday Present

Title:Amagami SS Short Animations
Episode:3: Nakata Sae arc: Birthday Present
It's early December, and it's Jun'ichi's birthday - but the boy is sitting alone at home. Nobody's there, and no birthday cake either. Jun'ichi withdraws into his closet. But then the doorbell rings, and when he opens, it's Sae-chan. And she's not looking for her classmate Miya, she came for her "instructor"'s birthday; she even brought a present for the boy, and what a nice one it is! As it's cold outside, Jun'ichi invites her to enter, and Sae enters his room for the first time, excited by knowing they're alone in this house.
[2012-04-11, Devil Doll:]
It's Sae's arc, meaning we'll get pure fan-service with the well-endowed red-haired ultra-shy beauty. As such this clip is no cause for disappointment as I didn't expect anything else.

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