Amagami SS Short Animations - 2: Tanamachi Kaoru arc: Christmas Cake

Title:Amagami SS Short Animations
Episode:2: Tanamachi Kaoru arc: Christmas Cake
Christmas is near, and Jun'ichi's date with Kaoru is already arranged. As Kaoru said she has to work today, Jun'ichi is heading home alone after school but then decides to take a detour to the book shop. But suddenly he runs across a stall where a girl in a sexy Santa outfit sells Christmas cakes - and it's Kaoru! She explains that she has five jobs right now, and this one's paying very well. Jun'ichi is entranced by Kaoru's costume, but when he's caught looking at her thighs she orders him to purchase one of the cakes as punishment, and even help her selling cakes.
[2012-04-11, Devil Doll:]
With Jun'ichi once again being reduced to a pervert and getting punished for it, this may well be the weakest of these short scenes.

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