Amagami SS - Sae: Nakata Sae arc (episodes 9-12)

Title:Amagami SS
Episode:Sae: Nakata Sae arc (episodes 9-12)
A friend and classmate of Miya's. Having studied at an all-girl's school before, Sae is incredibly shy around men and is so soft-spoken that people around her can hardly hear her voice. Then again, with her red hair and her curves the boys would easily fall for her... if only she could overcome her shyness...

So what Sae needs is a brother figure first and foremost, and with Miya as her "agent" Jun'ichi actually starts acting as such while at the same time toying with the clueless girl, being his perverted self (why would exercising to change from normal clothes to a school swim suit be of any benefit for her waitress job? That's a lame excuse for making the clueless girl cosplay for him).
So it's kind of surprising that real feelings come up between these both, and moreso that it's Sae who takes the initiative and grows beyond her "mouse" nature whereas Jun'ichi takes forever to get the message.
Devil Doll:
Nakata Sae arc ep. 9-12 (Watch-):
  • girl's character: shy beauty
  • girl's character development: strong
  • avatar's character: older brother
  • avatar's character development: slow
  • story focus: Comedy/Fan Service
  • additional BluRay footage: 57 sec [side story] (Sae meets old friends)
The red-haired kouhai - timid as a mouse but well-endowed and classmate of Jun'ichi's little sister who's doing the catalyst work for her "nii-ni" and this new transfer student. And this fraidy-cat even has to carry the load of pushing this story forward because Jun'ichi's performance is pitiful in this arc. This time the couple has a long way to go, and consequently everything works way too flawlessly (except for Jun'ichi's perverted delusions).
The new ED song is childish but the good music during the dog scene almost makes up for that. The best thing about this arc appears to be the new off-screen narrator adding not really polite but funny comments to the story.
Good progress in episode 10 but still no substance and few decent jokes; this is the arc for Jun'ichi to live out his fantasies as Sae would love to be his doormat. Later she improves step by step but Jun'ichi's got his act together no sooner than in the very last scene of episode 11. But even during the final episode the boy doesn't show much of a trait that would make a girl like Sae-chan reasonably fall for him.
Sae is laughing stock for most of this arc, and the way Jun'ichi exploits her to live out his fetishes makes him the worst of his character variants. This series being a romance title first and foremost, the arc disqualified itself by these character traits and ended up with the weakest rating from my side.

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