Amagami SS - Miya: Tachibana Mia side story (episode 26)

Title:Amagami SS
Episode:Miya: Tachibana Mia side story (episode 26)
Tachibana Mia is afraid that her unreliable and perverted brother Jun'ichi will become a total failure in life, and never get a girlfriend. She's quite surprised that her classmates Ai and Sae tell her otherwise, both confirming they consider Jun'ichi a nice guy.
So Mia begins to spy on her brother, thus learning about ever more girls he's quite friendly to, but none of them being a potential girlfriend. A horrible ideas comes to her mind: Could it be that Jun'ichi likes boys?

Expect to finally learn what the name "Amagami" of this series means.
Devil Doll:
Tachibana Mia side story (ep. 26, DVD special) (Watch+):
This special episode plays in another different timeline where some of the arc events took place but none of the girls there became Jun'ichi's girlfriend.
The first half with Mia's disturbing idea is mere comedy and I was about to write off this special as failure. To my surprise the story got its act together when Mia took that kitten home, giving Jun'ichi the opportunity to show his sister what being a nice guy is all about.
As such, still not my favorite part of the franchise but helpful for giving the unnerving brat Mia a better image in the end. Recommended only for fans of the series.

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