To Heart 2 OVA - 3: Everyone's School Festival, a modest wish

Title:To Heart 2 OVA
Episode:3: Everyone's School Festival, a modest wish
Takaaki and shy female class-rep Kusugawa Sasara have worked out plans for the school festival but school president Marianne, Kusugawa's only friend, rewrites these plans at the festival's eve, adding lots of weird "libido" elements thus turning the whole school into a chaos area...
[2008-03-18, Devil Doll:]
Despite myriads of pantsu shots and high-school president (!) Marianne being an annoying, immature little brat, this episode turns around when Kusugawa-senpai (taken from a side arc of the PC game) develops as a marvelous character and this ruckus episode finds a decent closure. A shy equivalent of Ichigo 100% OVA 1, and as such a success for me.

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