Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 - 20: One Of These Nights

Title:Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
Episode:20: One Of These Nights
Leon and Daley have made a heroic attempt to destroy the giant rogue boomer that has emerged from the Dragon Line, and seem at first to have succeeded, but somehow it regenerates even though it can't have a core anymore. help arrives in the form of Linna wearing the first of the new model hardsuits. Meanwhile, Galatea is rapidly maturing and becoming less subservient to Mason (to put it mildly!). Also, Nigel warns Sylia that he doesn't think she should try the new hardsuits herself.
Apparently the reason boomers transform into lifelike-monsters is because metal is, or becomes, liquid--like the stuff used in the new hardsuits. The "skyhook" seems to have something to do with the Dragon Line becoming "disturbed"; I presume this line hanging from the sky is attached to some sort of satellite (I wish how it works had been made more clear). Priss and Leon got a bit too passionate for me in this episode; I'm sorry, but the Priss I know and love (from the OVAs) wouldn't have done that!

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