Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 - 11: Sheer Heart Attack

Title:Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
Episode:11: Sheer Heart Attack
Rosencroitz spells out what he intends to do once the orbiting "Showhamm Umbrella" is complete. Mason continues searching for clues to the origins of the fabulous technology of the Knight Sabers' hardsuits. Linna misses a gratifyingly successful boomer fight, then must leave town to attend an Omiai (matchmaking session) at her parent's home.
Stretch 6/04:
I had high hopes for this episode, what with the Omiai, which sounded like an amusing break from the usual boomer fighting. But, as it turned out, the matchmaking took up relatively little time and this turned out to be a pretty average episode. Rosencroitz' bizarre (but not altogether evil) goals were interesting. Still, I get the feeling that maybe this show needs to give priority to either the action or the charachters. Maybe I'm just prejudiced in favor of the BGC OVAs.

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