Mushi-Uta - 12: Dreaming Firefly

Episode:12: Dreaming Firefly
As Kakkou is slowly consumed by his Mushi, a horrific monster takes shape. A swarm of butterfly-like Mushi makes short work of the SEPB Mushitsuki, and Haji is caught in a shower of rubble. Meanwhile, Shiika is somehow still alive after being impaled by an SEPB Mushi. Her anguish over the fate of her friends Rina and Daisuke leads to a fantastic reaction. Back at GARDEN, Kakkou sees Rina being held by the freakish creature. The injured Haji explains to Kakkou that what has happened is that a Mushi has completely broken free of it's host's control. When Kakkou is knocked senseless he experiences a dreamlike encounter with Rina. When he comes to, he recovers Rina from the monster. She is critically injured, and asks him to forsake her and instead attempt to save Shiika.

To be continued...
Goddamnit, this show was coming along so splendidly just a few episodes ago, and now it ends like this!? The first 2/3 of the series seemed to do a masterful job of rationing out the clues, and I was certain it was building towards a brilliantly believable conclusion. Yet this episode made practically no sense at all to me--I haven't a clue what happened in the climactic battle. Quite a letdown. It's like somebody got impatient at the slow but damn near perfect way the series was coming along, and decided that what it needed was lots of action and excitement. To hell with the tension and intrigue that had been painstakingly built up; that was casually thrown away. I am rather pissed that this was allowed to happen.

It was difficult to write the synopsis of this episode because it was so confusing and I often was at a loss to explain what was happening. I can only pray that

Voracious Eater going on and on about the yummy dreams she'll soon be feasting on got annoying.
So, that multi-boobed white thing was Nanahoshi?
However, after the climactic fight scene I must admit the wrap up scene between the surviving principal characters was fairly touching. It's just that, I really like to be able to explain why things had turned out the way they had!
"I finally found it! My true place!" --Kakkou
To be continued...

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