Mushi-Uta - 11: Endless Dream

Episode:11: Endless Dream
Rina comes to in a strange facility populated by zombie-like fallen, which she soon realizes is GARDEN. She finds her way into an exact replica of Ouka City where she is confronted by Haji, who casually explains the theory behind the place. Rina demands some answers from him, namely the nature of the three original Mushi. The grinning Haji happily fills her in, including his intention to use her, Rina, as a weapon to get at his real target, Fuyuhotaru. Meanwhile, back at Rina's wrecked apartment, Shiika is likewise confronted by a strange person. To her horror, she recognizes "Voracious Eater", who gives her a terrifying "reminder" of what to expect in the future. A narrow escape becomes a matter of "out of the frying pan and into the fire" for her. Back at GARDEN, when Rina becomes enraged by Haji's declaration of his intentions, a not too small army of SEPB operatives immediately surround her, along with a swarm of SEPB controlled Mushi. "Those eyes filled with dreams" Haji comments, "send thrills down my spine"...

WTF!? All three principal characters seemingly dead or worse, and yet another episode to go? Talk about cliffhangers! This is definitely one which I'll need to watch several times in order to make sense of it. I guess Haji's explanation of the purpose of Mushi makes sense, but still I'm a little disappointed by it. He claimed that they were manmade, but after this episode I wonder if there wasn't some sort of error in translation, because "Voracious Eater" seemed pretty superhuman to me. When Voracious Eater declared that Shiika's dreams smelled delicious, it seemed kind of corny to me--like all too many generic supernatural predators, eating souls or whatever. The problem is, I can't help thinking that the final 1/3 of Mushi-Uta is a disappointment in comparison to the rest. Perhaps I just loved the sense of mystery and intrigue which the series had early on, but which has been largely lost as all the secret identities and whatnot have been revealled. Maybe the ending will be good. I'm just pretty mixed up about what's going on now. What happened at the apartment? Who was saying "Break" and what did it mean? Who was that voice telling people to "disappear"? MinMin's actions seemed to come from left field, and the transformation Kakkou underwent at the end seemed kind of laughable.

"when we tried to capture her (Fuyuhotaru/Shiika) two years ago" --Haji
Doesn't he mean FOUR years ago?

"I'm taking back Rina's dreams. Because those belong to the woman who holds the same dreams as me!" --Kakkou
The woman-with-the-same-dreams-as-me would be Shiika, right? How did her dreams wind up inside Rina's head? Come to think of it, does Kakkou even know that the two are close friends and have been living together?

So, I'm left wondering where the hell things could go from here, since I have little idea of exactly what has happened anyway. I don't want to make this show sound lousy, but I am really uncomfortable with the way the story is turning out, which is especially anguish inducing since the first 2/3 of it seemed so fascinating and brilliant. It almost feels like some important staff members suddenly quit and there was an unexpected radical change in the style with which Mushi-Uta was made. Even at the end of the second viewing my reaction was the same--WTF!?

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