Mushi-Uta - 08: Unfulfilled Dreams

Episode:08: Unfulfilled Dreams
Rina is notified by MinMin that Asami has become a Mushitsuki and is liable to be in big trouble as a result. Likewise, Kakkou is informed of the event by Haji, and told that Kasuo and her team are already on the way to seize Asami; he rushes to intercept them. At the clubroom, Asami is surprised by Kasuo, "C", and KiriKiri. She flees from them, but they take their time pursuing her--toying with a terrified girl. While on the way to the scene herself, Rina calls Shiika and learns of Asami's visit that afternoon. After putting up a good fight, Asami is finally cornered on the school rooftop. But when her camera is knocked from her hands by KiriKiri, there is a very strange effect on both of them and Kasuo...
Paradoxically, it's the best shows, like this one, which make me the most nervous about quality--perhaps because there's so much to be lost and seemingly little more that could be gained. The arrival of Kasuo and her odd companions "C" and KiriKiri made me fear that the show might lose the way it feels completely plausible--once you accept the possibility of Mushi existing, of course (every show is entitled to at least one suspension of disbelief--that's how the good ones get started!). I think what makes this plausible is the way the characters think and act in perfectly realistic ways given their strange situations. But again, I needn't have worried about a lapse of quality--this is the coolest damn show you ever will see! (and I'm quite serious). The digital world scene was both funny and cool, and the fight there was both wild and original. I thought Asami was done for, being cornered and all, but this development was really unusual and exciting--I loved it. Asami definitely knows how to put up a good fight ("I hate you so much!")! She makes another startling discovery while "swimming" through a sea of digital photos. And Kakkou arrives to try his hand in the digital world--such a perfectly timed and planned development that I could barely contain the excitement I was feeling. He mentions "our true enemy"--another cryptic remark that leaves me wondering who he's talking about. The moment he shows up to intervene in the running battle Asami has been waging was brilliant. We get another look at his background and how he's changed while serving with the SEPB, and a bit of his wisdom ("You've become nothing but a fool that enjoys fighting" he tells Kasuo; "Fighting for the sake of not thinking"). I thought having a certain character get taken out was neat; all too often magical/alchemic/whatever warriors are virtually invulnerable so the fights they take part in lose a lot of excitement, since you know they won't get seriously hurt. Kakkou says that the deal Kasuo made with Haji had something to do with being sent back to her hometown, which would be here, Ouka City, right? Kakkou learns for the first time that Fuyohotaru is an escapee from GARDEN, too. "C" says that he's trying to "defeat the Original Three"--I bet those are the first three Mushi, that were mentioned in an earlier episode (maybe one and the same with "our true enemy", too). I really appreciate the way this show makes figuring out the clues neither too hard nor too easy! It's all a matter of achieving the proper balance between the two extremes. The episode ends with a chilling twist; this show is so well written that it really hurts the viewer when a likeable character gets injured. In spite of this being another episode I entered with trepidation, at one point I found myself exclaiming "God, this show is so f-----g cool!" (while grinning from ear to ear).

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