Mushi-Uta - 06: Targeted Dreams

Episode:06: Targeted Dreams
After dark, Asami, a Mushi fanatic, is at work alone in the journalism clubroom. She is surprised by her teacher, and by a question she's asked. The next morning Rina has overslept and as she races to prepare for school, she finds that Shiika's cooking leaves something to be desired. Shiika notices that Rina attends Ouka East High School, just as Daisuke-kun does, and asks to be allowed to visit the school. At school Rina mentions to her friends that she has another friend she'd like to introduce them to. After school Rina notices Kakkou wandering around the building, and invites him to "hang out" tommorrow; he declines. Back home, Shiika notices that Rina is in a good mood. Rina tells her that she has arranged for her to visit her school after classes tommorrow. At school, they narrowly miss running into Kakkou. As Rina pretends to be the teacher, she introduces Shiika to Asami, Kyouko and Miharu. After a tour of the school they go for some karaoke. Everyone has a great time and Shiika is proclaimed their friend for life. Still, afterwards something is clearly on Shiika's mind. "Daisuke-kun" she says...
Sometimes it's the episodes of a series which are without any particular action which are the most fun--as proof I'd offer up this one. We get a lot of character and plot development, and just plain fun. Watching uber kawaii Shiika enjoying her visit to the school and hanging out with Rina's friends left me grinning. This show is packed with quality; even though I was in an exhausted mood when I first watched this episode, having just returned from work, it firmly held my attention and I didn't want it to end. What the teacher did to Asami surprised me; don't ask me exactly what it was (I'm confident that this will be explained eventually). Has she been "infected" with a Mushi? It seems like some sort of electronic rather than biological one--an artificial Mushi, perhaps? Asami doesn't seem to have noticed any change; again, what was the deal with her "interfacing" with a digital camera (or whatever it was she did)? Rina makes the comment "I have no time"; is she worried about her Mushi reaching it's final stage, like Centi's did? She and Kakkou (she knows him as Kusuriya) seem to be getting to like each other, which is ironic considering they firmly hate each other's secret identities. There's a sort of brilliant simplicity to this tragic turn of events; I'm tempted to describe it as "Shakespearian" (except I'd reveal myself to be an idiot if I did). Who is Chiharu? Kakkou's sister? A friend from his childhood, before he became a Mushitsuki? And who is the strange woman who appears at the very end of the episode? As usual, Mushi-Uta does a masterful job of balancing what we're told and what we're not, and thereby keeping me eager for the next episode.

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