Mushi-Uta - 03: Prisoners of the Dream

Episode:03: Prisoners of the Dream
Distraught after visiting the abandoned home her family once lived in, Shiika calls Daisuke and asks to meet him at Kaihin Park tommorrow; someone is listening in on their conversation. At school Daisuke is clearly daydreaming and is teased once again about the strange girl he met yesterday. Asami proposes that they all go to the city dump to search for Mushi, which are supposed to inhabit places like that. Rina objects to Daisuke describing Mushi as "monsters". Daisuke is relieved to find Shiika at the park; meanwhile, Tachibana Rina is informed that "Winter Firefly" will be at Kaihin Park today. This person is held in awe because she is a Ketsurakusha, i.e. a Mushitsuki whose Mushi has been killed. Losing one's Mushi generally reduces a Mushitsuki to a zombie-like state, yet somehow Winter Firefly has made a recovery, and escaped from the infamous SEPB prison known as GARDEN, which makes her a source of hope for other Mushitsuki. Rina orders her fellow Mushibane members to search for Winter Firefly, in hopes of recruiting her as an ally. Centi volunteers to take on "Number 1", the most dangerous SEPB operative, if he appears; but he's clearly having trouble controlling his own Mushi. The Mushibane members disperse about the park and begin their search. Daisuke and Shiika are at the seaside when the loudspeakers announce a sudden "quarantine" of the park. "They're searching for me" a frightened Shiika says...
It's hard to describe, but I love the witty comedy this show possesses. So many out-and-out "comedy" series are completely vapid in comparison to the jokes in this action-comedy. Well, action clearly has priority over comedy (and drama has priority over action), but still the quality of the comedy (and every other element of Mushi-Uta) is delicious. I could go on watching this show forever, but tragically it's a mere twelve episode series. Who's the guy who describes Haji Keigo as "pathetic" after he bursts out laughing? I think "Kaihin" (as in Kaihin Park) means "seaside", based on other episodes. Mushibane member Centi mentions an enemy called "Number 1"--probably Kakkou/Daisuke, I'm guessing. Haji mentions a "mother and child"; are they the main reason the SEPB is at the park? Kakkou reassures the child Mushitsuki who has become seperated from her mother with the words "You'll see her again. If you don't give up on your dreams, that is". Haji clearly knows that Shiika/Winter Firefly is there as well, but takes special measures to keep her clear of the action. Shiika says "I have no memories like this"--a side effect of her being in the Ketsurakusha state? Daisuke/Kakkou must know that Shiika has been in SEPB custody, since he was the one who captured her; does he know that she has made an escape, or does he believe she was released after recovering from being a Ketsurakusha? I suppose he could always check with Haji. However, by and large I haven't detected any irrational behavior by anybody (and just a little intentionally stupid behavior, for comedy's sake), which is another plus about this show. There's a complex web of motivations, and characters act realistically based on what they do and do not know. When the quarantine announcement comes, Shiika notices a bright light shimmering behind Daisuke--has her Mushi returned for the first time since it was "killed"? She clearly has one later on, when she's alone. Anyway, the first time I watched this episode I found it to be confusing; having rewatched it (and watched a number of other episodes as well) I'm startled at how brilliantly composed it is. It's like a great novel--you don't see such quality everyday!

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