Mushi-Uta - 02: The Bond of Dreams

Episode:02: The Bond of Dreams
After recognizing the green-haired girl he once made a promise to, Kakkou performs a dangerous stunt to be beside her ASAP. Four female classmates of his witness it. Kakkou and the girl run off together to avoid his being arrested for such foolhardy behavior. At a park he apologizes for grabbing her and dragging her off all of a sudden, and introduces himself as Kusuriya Daisuke. Though clearly confused, after awhile she agrees to meet him again after school, and reveals her own name as Anmoto Shiika. Daisuke must hurry off to school, and after he has left Shiika asks herself "Why am I here"? At school, Daisuke is pestered by three of the girls about what happened that morning; the fourth, Rina, takes an immediate dislike to him and isn't interested. Meanwhile, Shiika wanders around town alone; a truck passing by nearly causes her to panic. She's torn between the feeling that she should run away and the wish to meet Daisuke again...
This show has a heart-warming quality to it--I felt it rightaway in the opening scene. The OP sequence is neat and snazzy as well. It becomes clear in later episodes that Shiika doesn't recognize Daisuke as the SEPB agent (Kakkou) who once (presumably) shot her Mushi, but clearly she feels something good about him right from the first time their eyes meet at the railway crossing. He must remember her, since in other episodes his wish to fulfill the promise he made is mentioned. "It's not here. It's gone" Shiika says while looking at her empty hand; no doubt she's talking about her Mushi. As they eat a snack, Daisuke mentions that he lives alone and says "I wish I had said my goodbyes to my family properly"--he could just be making up a story, but more likely something tragic really did happen to his family. "You deal with your past... and even the things now" Shiika says; and "Thanks to you, I gain some courage"--she is so lonely and miserable as she wanders alone, and it is portrayed so well, as to be almost heartbreaking. The gesture her sister made for her was powerful. What with her painful flashbacks to her unhappy childhood, we are pretty well versed on Shiika's past, but Daisuke's remains a mystery (as late as episode five, I might add, and even then we don't know what happened to his family or how he was recruited by the SEPB). everybody seems to have a troubled past, and you get to like them so much with time that you can't help but root for them to find that "place they can belong to". It finally dawned on me that the people doing the silly trailers for the next episodes are the principal VAs, in this case Takagi Reiko.

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