Mushi-Uta - 00: Mushi-Uta Relationship Chart

Episode:00: Mushi-Uta Relationship Chart
I got the idea for this viewer's aid from the handy and artistic reference provided by AnimeOmake fansubs, in order to keep track of the various characters' allegiances and attitudes towards each other. However, these were clearly manga characters (or were they illustrations from a light novel?), and it's unclear how closely the anime will follow the plot of that version. A number of characters from the anime (MinMin, Asami, Centi) were missing altogether here, and vice-versa. No doubt it is far from complete, and will need revisions as the final episodes of Mushi-Uta play out. This wasn't as easy as I had originally thought, but was a lot of fun anyway (I clearly have too much free time on my hands):

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