Clannad (TV) - Kano: [SPOILER] Common elements in the lead characters of Kanon and Clannad

Title:Clannad (TV)
Episode:Kano: [SPOILER] Common elements in the lead characters of Kanon and Clannad
It's difficult to watch this show when you know Kanon already. Despite the very different story, the number of characters that have the same hair color and the same important character traits in both series is almost disturbing:
  • A male lead with a gloomy past and no deep family bonds, living as guest in a family whose members care deeply for each other; he is surrounded by a number of girls but mostly unaware of their feelings (Okazaki Tomoya / Aizawa Yuuichi).
  • A red-haired female lead girl supposed to be much older than she's acting, childish and with a certain health issue in the past (Furukawa Nagisa / Tsukimiya Ayu).
  • A yellow haired male friend serving as comical relieve vehicle but with occasional good ideas; he's frequently matreated by one of the girls (Sunohara Youhei / Kitagawa Jun).
  • A blue-haired girl, considered an outsider of society but with superb capabilities in certain areas, sharing a common past with the male lead who has completely forgotten about her (Ichinose Kotomi / Kawasumi Mai).
  • A grey-haired girl, reasonable and responsible, a member of the school council, with a dark secret in her past that is related to her younger brother (Sakagami Tomoyo / Kurata Sayuri)
  • A very childish girl whom the male lead has to take care of; she even lives in the same house as he does, and over time it's getting obvious that she's a spirit being (Fuko Ibuki / Sawatari Makoto)
  • A pair of sisters, the older one outgoing and with a sharp tongue, the younger one shy and secretly in love with the male lead (Fujibayashi Kyou & Ryou / Misaka Kaori & Shiori)

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