Busou Renkin - 01: A New Life

Title:Busou Renkin
Episode:01: A New Life
Having woken from a nightmare, Mutou terrorizes and abuses his fellow dorm mates with the adrenaline of his dream in which he helped someone and fought a strange creature. The next morning, everyone teases him (including his dear & close sister,) about his dream in which he lost, dies and came back to life.

The next day, he is greeted at the school gate by the strange teacher Mita, who singles him out and arranges to have him do a special after-school project (pulling weeds in a back school yard?!) Late that evening when Mutou is done, Mita is waiting in the shadows of the school for him. Teacher Mita somehow transforms into a huge cobra creature and attempts to eat him! While trying to bite Mutou, Mitan complains about him interfering with his MEAL the evening before!!

While trying to escape, his cell-phone rings and a girl tells him to hang on for a few more minutes. A cute teenaged alchemical weapons master has decided to commit herself to help the boy (whom she helped the night before) and defeat the homunculus creature that is threatening him now!!

(and yes .. I did skip the last fifteen minutes of the first episode in this synopsis!)

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