Death Note - 02: Showdown

Title:Death Note
Episode:02: Showdown
The death-god RYUK has taken to accompanying Yagami Light. Being invisible to all but Yagami, RYUK has taken to even hanging out with him at school.

He is bewildered at Yagami’s dedication – attending both school and cram school, doing his homework and diligently adding more names to the DEATH NOTE. He wonders at what is driving this child human?

Yagami is surprised to learn something new about the DEATH NOTE. It is only when is his little sister comes in for help with her homework, does RYUK mention that should anyone even touch the book, then they will be able to see death gods and put Yagami at risk. RYUK further mentions that hiding the DEATH NOTE and keeping it a secret has been both a concern and a problem with earlier human book holders. (?So there have been others?)

Hummm…. what to do?

The police have been busy. Having taken note of the incredible number of heart attack deaths of the criminals, of both those in their custody, as well many others throughout Japan, they become mired in a discussion as to what to do. Are these events murders or perhaps just an act of fate?

It is only when a cloaked man named Watari appears, do all of the empty arguments cease. Watari is the official spokesperson for the reclusive legendary detective known only as L. Using a laptop connection and altered voice, L addresses the police assembly. He is convinced that there is a criminal or criminal organization behind the deaths and that all of the deaths are an act of murder. He tells the assembly that he will be taking over world-wide efforts to track down the killer or killers, but he strongly suspects that the killer(s) live(s) in Japan and might even be Japanese.

Having applied his creativity to keeping the DEATH NOTE secure, Yagami builds an elaborate false-bottomed compartment in his desk drawer. If opened incorrectly, an electrical circuit will ignite some gasoline and burn the book. He explains to RYUK that under the laws - with no DEATH NOTE book, there is no evidence as to his involvement in the deaths.

Yagami explains to RYUK that his efforts have already been noticed. While the newspapers are still blathering on about the strange deaths, there are those on the internet who are saying something completely different. A number of web pages have appeared dedicated to KIRA (a word play on killer) - a name given to the unknown killer of criminals. Yagami explains that everyone is already talking about KIRA – the agent of righteousness and vengeance. The KIRA, the savior - who is everywhere, acting as a force of the change the world.

An interruption of the local TV broadcast distracts both Yagami and RYUK. It is a special message from INTERPOL. A man appears on the screen identifying himself as Lind L. Taylor, known also as the reclusive detective L. Reading from a script, the man claims to know about the murders and issues a personal message to KIRA announcing that he will hunt him down and bring KIRA to justice.

High on the power the book and ticked off at the arrogance of detective L, Yagami defiantly writes down the name Lind L Taylor in the book. 40 seconds later, the man on the TV screen clutches his heart, whimpers a bit and dies.

The TV screen blanks and is replaced by a fancy letter L. A digitally distorted voice announces that KIRA had just killed a condemned murder. The voice goes on to explain that while the broadcast was reported to be worldwide, it was in fact only sent to the Kantou district of Japan. The events of the broadcast have confirmed the following:

  • KIRA does exist.
  • KIRA can kill at a distance.
  • KIRA has limits in his abilities.
  • KIRA does not know everything.
  • KIRA lives in the district of Kantou.
The challenge has been issued and the contest begins. With the reclusive genius known only as detective L openly declaring his intent to track down KIRA, Yagami smiles at the hurdle of having to identify and eliminate the man behind voice - known only as detective L.

The closing image is one of both L and Yagami proclaiming their dedication and devotion to JUSTICE!!


Gomen, pls forgive me, but I am having a lot of fun with this series!

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