Death Note - 01: Death Note

Title:Death Note
Episode:01: Death Note
Yagami, the perfect student at school, lives in a very troubled world. The news is continuously reporting on assaults and random acts of violence that are troubling society. And then one day, he finds a strange book in the school courtyard titled DEATH NOTE. The instructions as to how to use it are written in English and are very strange. It tells that if a name were written in the book and the writer visualizes the person (a step which prevents wiping out ALL of the John Smiths in the world), then that person will die from a heart attack. And if a cause of death were specified, then fate would do the rest.

Later that evening, Yagami is sitting reviewing the book, both troubled and fascinated by its implications. The evening news is reporting on how a troubled unemployed man has taken a number of hostages in local kindergarden. Not expecting anything to happen, Yagami writes his name in the book and the man drops dead a minute later.

The next day, Yagami witnesses some street thugs attacking a girl in front of a quick-stop market. Having overheard one of their names when he entered the store, Yagami writes every possible spelling of his name, with a comment - death by accident. The girl escapes from the thugs and runs. One of the guys revs his bike to chase after her and gets creamed by a speeding delivery truck.

And then one evening, Yagami gets a visitor. The death god RYUK appears in his bedroom. Fully expecting its angry wrath, Yagami calmly asks how such an important item came to fall in his hands? RYUK replies that it was chance that he lost the book and that it was chance that Yagami found it. But, now that it was in a human’s hands, he could not accept it back.

When asked why? RYUK explains that he was bored! Yes, he will take Yagami’s life, but not today. And since there is no heaven or hell, there will not be any consequences to Yagami’s use of the book. But he also asks why are there so many names in book already?

Yagami had been very busy! Searching through the internet, Yagami had identified a long list of violent and predatory felons and had written their names in the book. Hundreds of dangerous people had literally dropped dead over the span of a couple of days.

Yagami explains that he desires a society in which people can be safe and all evils expunged. The DEATH NOTE gives him the power of the GODs and he intends to use it to make changes for the better.

RYUK only smiles and comments 'People are so interesting!'

But the the authorites have engaged a legendary detective, who is known only as L, to investigate the multiple deaths and track down the killer.

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