Trigun - 9: Murder Machine

Episode:9: Murder Machine
While travelling by bus across the wastelands to Mei City, Vash spots a person alone in the desert. It turns out to be Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who claims to be a wandering priest. During a rest stop, the bus is attacked and Vash and Wolfwood team up to rescue a little girl who was accidentally left behind.
SPOILER: Things we learn about Vash (and Wolfwood) during this episode:
1. Unlike everyone else, Vash is familiar with the spider-like robots that attack the bus. "Their expiration date was a long time ago" he comments, suggesting that both the robots and himself are somewhat older than they seem.
2. At one point, though Vash has been deprived of his pistol, a number of robots that were menacing him somehow turn up smashed for no apparent reason.
3. Though he claims to be just a wandering priest, Wolfwood turns out to be an excellent shot.
4. Vash somehow knows how to shut down the automated robot factory aboard what he calls a crashed "alien spaceship". In fact, he talks to it: "You can stop now--there's no one left to protect".

My favorite line: "I hate you when you call me by my full name!" --Vash

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