Trigun - 8: And Between the Wasteland and Sky

Episode:8: And Between the Wasteland and Sky
The hijacked sandsteamer is racing at 88 iles per hour. The Badlands Gang plan to crash it into a deep canyon in order to smash open it's sturdy vault, even though this will surely kill all the hostages on board. Vash and the boy Kite race to prevent this from happening.
Stretch 6/3/04:
Things we learn about Vash in this episode:
1. He is deeply unnerved when a surprise encounter forces him to wound two of the bandits ("I made a promise--if I put out even one flame of life it would make her [Rem] sad").
2. He is startled when Kite sings an old song that Rem loved.
One thing about this episode that didn't quite "click" was the way that Neon, who murdered a man in cold blood in the last episode, suddenly develops a sort of code of honor in this one.

My favorite line: "Oh man, why can't I get a break? Death and poverty like me so much!" --Vash

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