Trigun - 26: Under The Sky So Blue

Episode:26: Under The Sky So Blue
Carrying Wolfwood's cross with him, Vash arrives at the oasis where he finds his evil brother Knives waiting. Through a series of flashbacks, we get a summary of their lives from the time they crashlanded on the planet until the present. Then the two of them draw their guns and have it out once and for all.
Though it didn't quite leave me with the same sense of awe as the final episode of Cowboy Bebop, this was nevertheless a brilliant conclusion. Trigun is a series you need to pay close attention to--and if you are like me, watch more than once--to catch all the little hints that lead up to the moving end. It's a fast moving duel invoving instantaneous moves and countermoves, until Vash gets a bit of help just when he needs it. He hasn't forgotten his gentle, kind tutor Rem, and I doubt if the climactic shootout of any previous Western either became so surreal, or ended the way this one did. Perhaps best of all is the way it leaves you feeling afterwards.

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