Trigun - 23: Paradise

Episode:23: Paradise
A series of flashbacks reveal details of Wolfwood's unhappy childhood. Then Chapel (sp?), someone he knew in those days, shows up with a new set of orders for Wolfwood to carry out.
Stretch 6/27/04:
Apparently, Wolfwood was originally a spy who was being paid to watch, and perhaps even kidnap Vash, but not to kill him. Now, Chapel declares that "as of now, you too are also a Gung-Ho Gun" (kind of ironic, considering Wolfwood has killed at least three of the same), and orders him to assasinate Vash. But Wolfwood has come to genuinely like Vash ("I actually wanted to save him, even if it meant killing a child"), and can't bring himself to carry out his instructions. The result is a tragic and touching episode. Curiously, Wolfwood knows where Knives is, even though Vash has never told him anything about him.

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