Trigun - 21: Out Of Time

Episode:21: Out Of Time
Vash and Wolfwood race to stop three of the Gung-Ho Guns from sabotaging the "flying ship" and slaughtering it's residents.
Some revealing quotes:
Legato: "Let me teach him (Vash) that to stay alive is true suffering. For all eternity he will pay for the grievous sin of injuring you." Apparently, the persecution that is directed against Vash is revenge for injuring Knives.

Vash: "Come on friend, it's not over just yet" Vash actually talks to a damaged reactor, inside of which a bizarre angel-like creature appears. Are they both two different products of the same mystical technology? When he sees the thing appear, Brad remarks "It's the ones that live outside of time" (and later implies that Vash is one of the same). Is Vash truly immortal?

Wolfwood: "Damnit, everything happened exactly the way they planned it". Did he know what the Gung-Ho Guns' plan was? Is he starting to think everything is predestined and he can't change it? Or is he just frustrated?

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