Trigun - 20: Flying Ship

Episode:20: Flying Ship
As a typhoon passes over New Oregon, Vash gives Meryl and Milly the slip and heads for a prearranged rendezvous with a shuttlecraft to a secret settlement only he knows of. But even the storm hasn't kept him from being followed...
One thing that is revealed in this episode is that someone exists who knows all about Vash and his amazing capabilities--the "Doctor". Presumably it was the Doctor who somehow sent Vash the instructions on how to reach the "Flying Ship", and he has a new artificial arm waiting for him. He's aware of the fifth moon incident, Knives, and asks Vash if he fired the "angel arm". Another interesting revelation is that the Gung-Ho Guns seem to be familiar with Wolfwood. One says he suspects he knows who the "minister clad in black" is, and one of their puppets says to Wolfwood "I've heard of you. An interesting reputation". Furthermore, it says "I have been watching you through his eyes the entire time" (whatever that means).

My favorite line: "However, I do know of a guy who whines, cries, throws tantrums and he somehow manages to find a way to save everyone. He's a crazy man, who's not afraid of anything. Even though he's been scarred from head to toe, he'll always be there." --Wolfwood

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