Trigun - 17: Rem Saverem

Episode:17: Rem Saverem
The Seeds program is an attempt to establish human colonies on other planets as Earth itself becomes uninhabitable. Dozens of ships carry people in suspended animation while the flagship carries the only conscious persons--five adults and two strange boys named Vash and Knives.
Stretch 6/16/04:
SPOILER: Things we learn about Vash and Knives in this episode:
1. Their IQs are "way above ours".
2. They seem to have grown from newborns to teenage boys in the space of one year.
3. Vash and Knives are at least 107 years old (since the Seeds program took place 107 years before the main storyline begins).
Until now, I had assumed the crewmembers had lost their minds and started attacking each other on their own, but now it occurs to me that Knives was probably using some sort of psychic powers to force them to do things against their will--just like Legato. At one point crewman Rowan exclaims "something's broken inside me--I'm numb". Another observation: the way Knives was brutally mistreated by Steve makes it easier to understand (but not condone) the way he becomes pathologically hateful towards Humans in general. Also, I've read some varying interpretations of Rem's last words to Vash, "take care of Knives". Someone suggested that she had realised Knives was behind the disaster and what she meant by those words was "kill Knives". Personally, I don't think she had realised who was to blame, and even if she had, would have been too kind to request such an act from Vash. I think it's Vash himself who reinterprets her request into something like "keep Knives from doing things like this again".

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