Trigun - 16: Fifth Moon

Episode:16: Fifth Moon
Vash admits that he doesn't have a clue how he'll find Legato, or what he'll do if he does. As it turns out, Legato sends him a terrifying challenge to come to the town of Augusta.
In this episode, Vash's right arm transforms into some sort of super weapon which he cannot control, and sets of a colossal explosion that devastates Augusta--just like July City, 20-odd years ago. It even blasts a new crater in one of the planet's moons--hence the title. Vash, however, is unaffected, proving once and for all that he cannot be human. Another observation: Vash does not want to harm anybody, but just foil the Gung-Ho Guns long enough, and they'll kill each other! (four down, seven to go!). I didn't realise how significant this particular episode was until I started taking notes and writing these mini-reviews.

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