Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (OVA) - 1: Tessa!

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (OVA)
Episode:1: Tessa!
Tessa is having a dream where her sub is under attack. Asking Mardukas to issue an order she looks over and realizes that her whole deck crew has become Sousuke! He starts telling her he loves her (A LOT!) She is so happy she completely forgot about the torpedo that was approaching. It hits and blows up her sub.

Tessa falls on the floor of the sub and is wearing nothing but a shirt. The Sousukes are gone and the deck is empty and dark. She exits looking for the crew. Outside she sees yet another Sousuke who is running a simulation battle with Arbalest. Thinking it is still a dream she goes over to Sousuke and tells him how much she loves him. (There is this great scene where she is doing things to him and Arbalest is repeating things happening to the robot in the simulation, which happen to be the same things! HAHAHAHA) Sousuke is trying to not touch her because she is almost naked. She then yells at him because he likes Kaname more than her (Which he denys). She looks up into his face and realizes this is the real Sousuke and not a dream one. Also she realizes she is wearing pretty much nothing. Which then causes her to scream and run away.

For the next 5 minutes you are treated to various fan service scenes of Tessa. While the opening credits are rolling, you also find out that the sub is in dry dock at Meida base.

After getting ready, she goes back to the hanger and finds Melissa programming some M9s. She mentions to Melissa that she is missing her favorite bed partner (Relax, it's the Bonta-Kun doll from Kaname). Melissa mentions about their night out last night and that she spiked Tessa's drink and that's why she fell asleep. Tessa gets mad and points out the drinking kills brain cells. Melissa then shows her programming skills by making 2 M9s dance the waltz. Except she miscalculates the rotational force and they crash into the wall. Tessa, tell her 'Don't worry, oh and BTW Pay Cut! You are also going to document just how much damage you caused. She walks away smiling. (A little Tessa revenge against Melissa).

She goes to the Lost & Found department looking for her doll but they don't have it. Kurtz walks by and drops off a bag of Anime that he found near the locker rooms (Future Boy Coyan - Must be a fan of Future Boy Conan & Detective Conan). Kurtz leaves and Clouzot (The leader of the SRTs from TSR) and it turns out he is the Otaku who lost the bag. He asks Tessa and orders the L&F guy to not talk about this (Another great scene). After the order she remembers that she was supposed to meet with Kalinin at 3am. So her doll must be with him.

She knocks on Kalinin's door and he invites her for lunch. He is trying to perfect his late wife's Borscht cooking. (Another great scene where he stops talking to stir his pot and then picks up the conversation even if it was in the middle of a word. Afterwards he tests it with a litmus paper and a thermometer. Ah Hah! That's where Sousuke gets his attitude from!). He calls up Sousuke to come over but when Sousuke learns it is for Borscht, all of a sudden Sousuke has some urgent business to take care of..(Suspicious!). He serves her the Borscht and tells her that the recipe his late wife used was Borscht with Cocoa Powder (Coffee!) and Bean Paste (Miso!!!). Tessa tries it and it is truly horrible! Kalinin is just smiling thinking he finally got it right. Turns out the Borsct was only served to him after a long mission. (Basically his wife was pissed and served it as a punishment.) When she asked about her meeting with him it turns out she never went as Mardukas called and said she was not feeling well (OMG Mardukas saw her naked?)

Later Kurtz runs by carrying a gun. Turns out Clouzot is trying to kill him for switching the disks (Kurtz edited the anime and put in Piggy Porn). Tessa is trying to break it up when Mardukas shows up and lectures them for 6 hours about proper procedure. Tessa asks him about a call he made to Kalinin and he replies 'Sergeant Sagara told me'. So her doll is with Sousuke! He tells her that Sousuke is leaving and at the hanger. She finally remembers the whole night and how she ended up at the ship (Basically she was a mean drunk and Sousuke took care of her. He also left with her doll that night).

Since Sousuke is leaving for school, she goes out to the hanger to see him off and thank him for taking care of her. When she finally sees Sousuke she decides to tell him that she really does love him. Except he thinks she is talking about loving 'drinking' and tells her 'Alcohol kills brain cells!' and then leaves on the plane. (Darn! And just when she finally was able to confess to him!). Oh and her doll is with Melissa (OMG the first person!)

Finally she has a final scene with Melissa, drinking some coffee and crying about how Sousuke is so clueless. Melissa asks how her day was, and she says bad but she wishes that day would go on.
She finally told Sousuke that she loves him and he denied liking Kaname! Ooooo!

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