Mai-Otome Specials - 9: Mai-Otome VS Mai-HiME

Title:Mai-Otome Specials
Episode:9: Mai-Otome VS Mai-HiME
In a cafe, Arika from Mai-Otome and Mai from Mai-HiME are discussing which one of them should be the main character in the upcoming (fictional) movie. Qualifying for the role seems to have something to do with being "moe", but Arika has seriously misinterpreted the word. Natsuki wants the part as well, and the numerous supporting characters resent being ignored. Miyu and Alyssa are prepared to do whatever it takes to eliminate all rivals for the part...
I presume the "movie" is still a joke, and no such production is actually in the works. This franchise really knows how to make fun of itself, and I wish other popular series would crank out humorous little specials like this. But isn't it obvious that Nagi should get the part?

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