Mai-Otome Specials - 1: My-HiME the Movie (fake preview)

Title:Mai-Otome Specials
Episode:1: My-HiME the Movie (fake preview)
No, no, there is NO such thing as Mai-Hime the Movie, but there is such a thing as Mai-Hime the Fake Movie. I guess Sunrise let their people have a bit of fun and said, 'Just make what you want for this, just make sure it's in the Mai universe'. This is a little 2 minute preview at the end of the Mai-Otome DVD 1 just put in for a major Laugh.

Arika is a new student at the Academy (If you saw the end of Mai Hime Arika was there). But it turns out she is there to usher in the 'Princess Star', the successor to the Hime star (Her mark is on her leg). Her little pig tails glow yellow just like Alyssa's did. BTW Alyssa is the new director (as Mashiro vanished) and Arika shows off her butt to Alyssa doing a little dance. Other things to watch such as Nao dying and Shizuru being defeated.

Finally at the end, Mikoto finds her real brother. It's Mikoto the Cat from Mai-Otome! Hehe
2.25 minute movie found at the end of Mai-Otome DVD 1. Release Date 4/26/20006 (<---- Yes 20006! 18000 years from now!)

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