Gantz - 7: We're After You

Episode:7: We're After You
At breakfast, Kato's aunt belittles the two mysterious missing boys, and modern day high schoolers in general. Kato takes the unusual step of refusing to allow her to humiliate his little brother, Ayumu. At a convenience store, Kei sees the old woman who asked him for directions back in the subway station. He believes this is a sign that he and Kishimoto will soon be summoned by Gantz again, and urges her to familiarize herself with her power suit. Grandma and her grandson annoy people standing in line for subway tickets. At a construction site the biker Tetsu gets into an argument with friends who feel having a wife and child is causing him to "mellow out". Kishimoto asks Kei to meet her after school (but not for the reason he was hoping). At his school, Kato comes across a boy being bullied by upperclassmen, but his new, fearless persona causes them to back down. Later, the punks plot to gang up on him. The heavyweight boxer and homosexual student Onizuka wants to take part. "When you try to threaten him" the boys warn Onizuka, "he gives you this look that's as unforgiving as the devil!"...
I was expecting these various new characters, like Tetsu and the grandmother and grandson, to start biting the dust in assorted accidents or homicides so that Gantz could create duplicates for the next alien hunting mission, but it hasn't happened yet. Instead, even more new candidates are introduced, including teen idol Masanobu Hojo and a butch biker chick from a bookstore. Is it just a coincidence that Kei has come within a few feet of almost all these new characters? Just who is the old woman from the subway, and why does she keep reappearing to Kei? Kato seems to be doing a sort of penance for failing to save the young Greenonion Alien by protecting weak and frightened boys at his school from bullies. Nevertheless, he says to himself "Ayumu, your brother's no good at all".

This episode also shows that Kato is not afraid to use violence. He just doesn't want to. Another plot point is just how much of a 'copy' the Gantzers were from the original.

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