Gantz - 10: Yuzo?

Episode:10: Yuzo?
Kei finds himself alone on a nightime street, without his power suit, and facing the Suzuki Alien. It doesn't seem particularly threatening at first, and is accompanied by several chirping chicks--is it really an alien, or some sort of robot? It seems to ignore him until Kei knocks one of the chicks off his shoulder, at which point the alien's mood takes an immediate change for the worse. Kei flees from it, leading it back to the others. Once there, the alien has a strange smile again, and nobody knows just what to do. The bikers Haruya and Kinji scoff at it, and the others just want to go home. Suddenly one of the chicks is splattered by Nishi, who has been employing his usual tactic of remaining out of sight until the others draw out the target. The Suzuki Alien is immediately infuriated, and emits an ear-splitting noise. It dodges Nishi's next shot by lifting off the ground. "This is starting to look really bad" Tetsuo observes...
I found this episode to be rather unconvincing. People sure seem to take weird stuff in stride, don't they? I mean, something happens which ought to have killed you, yet you find yourself alive in a strange apartment, then you're somehow transported to a nighttime street, and you see an alien which can fly, and which shoots some sort of energy blast from it's mouth, yet a typical reaction is that of Hojo, who only says "I think I'll stay awhile longer". WTF? I think my reaction would be more along the lines of "have I gone insane?". It never seems to occur to anybody to take a shot with their new weapons--the guns look kind of ridiculous, but Nishi made it quite clear just how deadly they are back in the apartment. When Kei was terrified and trying to decide what to do as the alien approached him, I was sure he must be unarmed, but no, he had a "blaster" too. Why did Nishi take out a chick with his first shot, instead of aiming for the alien itself? Are the chicks even more dangerous? The fight between Nishi and the alien was drawn out too much. What was the alien doing while he pleaded for help from the others? Twiddling it's thumbs? For me, this episode ended on a disappointing, frustrating note, unlike the intriguing, exciting conclusion to the last one.

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