Shuffle! - 7: The Love Scramble

Episode:7: The Love Scramble
The popular captain of the soccer team confessed to Asa (who accepted his present but didn't anser him yet). Everyone at school is talking about the issue, and Kareha wonders why Asa didn't accept already - does she have someone else in mind? And when Asa hurts her ankle at PE she prefers Rin-kun to walk her home instead.
[2007-09-17, Devil Doll:]
So Asa now "confessed to the audience" (as if we didn't know already...). A nice episode about her relation with Rin-kun - but as long as she explicitly states she won't compete against the rest of his "harem" she won't have a real chance, regardless of her potentially good position (which Kareha is absolutely right about). Actually, Asa's "But I could fall in love with you" was more than I had expected from her.
Little story progress, actually only one scene with Kaede being shocked about Primula's quotation (and note how again Primula knew more than anyone else). Downgrades for the silly tripping and the clichéd interruption right afterwards - I would have loved to see their reaction if they had time to think about it (therefore I actually liked the first, embarrassing incident better).

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