Shuffle! - 6: Smile

Episode:6: Smile
Primula watches as Rin-Kun and Kaede leave for school. She is very bored as there is nothing on TV and she isn't hungry. She decides to play with her Cat doll and one of the arms tears. Flashback to Primula in some kind of lab when someone (I assume Nerine) comes in and gives her the doll to hold and says it was from 'Her First and Only Love'.

Later at school Primula shows up with the doll to show to Rin-Kun the tear. A really great scene where Mayumi comes over and says something about how Rin-Kun now has another lover to his harem. Rin says that's stupid but the other 3 girls including Kaede all start blushing at the mere thought that they could be Rin-Kun's lover. Primula leaves.

Rin-Kun heads to the arcade where he finds Primula very wet. He then notices that Primula isn't wearing any underware (Major Loli scene). The girls decide to buy her some undies (Another major Loli scene). While they are out, Rin-Kun remembers that Primula likes Cats and buys her a new Cat Doll. Primula starts smiling at it (Something she has NEVER done before) and calls it her 'love' but she really meant Rin-Kun.
Add Primula to the official list of Rin-Kun's lovers. She loves him as much as the other 3 (Asa does too but she is a far 4th). Way too much Loli for me to normally handle. This episode moves Nerine on top of the list though as she considers Rin-Kun her 'one and only'.
[2007-09-16, Devil Doll:]
This episode confirms that Primula's toy has likely been handed over from Nerine (and what would that tell us about the relation between Nerine and Primula if Nerine is sacrificing her most precious memory item for Primula?), but other than that it's basically a waste of time filled with ecchi stuff... okay, what we learn as well is the potential ranking list for "daring behaviour" amongst the girls: 1. Kareha-senpai (very weird suggestions! But not a part of the harem), 2. Asa-senpai (still funny and teasing), 3. Sia (considers daring stuff interesting!), 4. Kaede (very passive in this kind of topics, i. e. not considering herself a worthy competitor), 5. Nerine (ultra-shy, turning red like a tomato, and as such way behind Sia), 6. Primula (still pondering about the exact meaning of "koi" - I don't see her as loli in the long run, she's more likely taking Rin-kun as Onii-san while he sees her as Imouto). This lab makes me wonder - did whoever runs that lab do something to make Primula get her extraordinary ability of forseeing the future? (Well, it's just that I've seen this kind of story before...)
At this stage, there's exactly one girl who definitively loves Rin-kun and would tell you so if you asked her - and that's Nerine (who confirmed her feelings at least to Primula as we have seen now). Neither Kaede nor Asa would openly confirm their feelings (albeit Neride knows about Asa's, and Asa knows about Kaede's), and I have seen neither Primula nor Sia actively trying to make Rin-kun happy (which Nerine does whenever she gets an opportunity, and is depressed whenever she fails to).

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