Shuffle! - 5: The Place that I Belong To

Episode:5: The Place that I Belong To
Kaede catches a fever, and their household becomes quite problematic because of this. All friends come to help out but to Rin's surprise it is Primula who saves the day.
[2007-09-12, Devil Doll]
Now we know what's so special about Primula: She can foresee the future. (If any one of the girls became aware of this she might want to ask Primula who will get Rin in the end...)
Kaede is completely right - Rin is definitely too nice in certain situations. He has an arrangement with Kaede about the supply for food over years, so he should set rules for both Nerine and Sia as to not make food for him without any advance notice (let's say, once per week).
Preliminary result of the harem game: Asa would be the best match for Rin (best housewife, self-confident, level-headed, can touch the boy without problems and is not afraid of ecchi teasing) but suffers from the "good friend/senpai" syndrome. Kaede can keep her position thanks to Asa-senpai's great support for her (Asa will likely support anyone in a weak position like she did with Nerine's cooking training before, another one of greenhair's good traits) but there must be more to that nightmare of Rin-kun than we can know at the moment. Sia didn't have a lot of airtime since episode 3 (her best traits are being open to anything, being reasonable unless it's about her father talking too much, being motivated to learn, and being a fair competitor who even roots for Nerine when necessary). Nerine lost ground today, being completely useless in respect to household chores; she's reduced to protecting Rin against those fanboys who wouldn't be there in the first place without this harem scenario. Finally, Primula isn't much more than a mascot at this stage and might become a catalyst of sorts rather than a serious contender. As Asa & Sia are both lively looking for a partner while Kaede & Nerine are both shy looking for a paladin, Sia and Kaede are in the best positions right now (because Asa doesn't see a chance for herself and Nerine will have problems to beat Kaede in any relevant category). Note how Sia is the only girl who's comfortable with the current situation - Asa has already given up while both Kaede and Nerine suffer visibly. Then again, Sia doesn't give me the impression that she really loves Rin-kun and this is more than a funny holiday for her.

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