Shuffle! - 24: Finally the end

Episode:24: Finally the end
Rin is looking all over the hospital for Asa. He can't find her. He goes outside to continue the search and remembers a spot where he and Asa first confessed. He goes to the park and spots her by the fountain. He asks her to use her magic and save her life. She says no. He asks again, and she turns him down again. He takes out the knife from Episode 23. Finally he goes 'I dont want Asa to die, if she dies, I'll be lonely and I will turn into a mummy in about 2 weeks. Well since I can't save Asa.' He unfolds the knife. He points the knife and his other hand at Asa. He continues, 'I guess I have to force you to use magic.' He takes the knife and slices his wrist bleeding on the ground and he passes out. Asa screams.......................
Well that's it. Rin's Dead. LOL! J/K. But that is a short summary of how the first 10 minutes play out. It's up to you to watch. But this is one of my favorite Shuffle episodes (Crazy Kaede is my favorite).

Primula makes her move! Keep your eyes open near the end to see that scene. Also the ED is different. Watch it carefully you will get to see a different Kaede :P They even changed the ending Sponsor screen.

[2007-09-19, Devil Doll:]
What a wonderful climax! I did guess correctly about the knife but wasn't sure whether Asa would defend herself by stating she wouldn't love Rin any more if he did that...
As so often, there's certain little bits and pieces that I dislike about this series, but having two great leads and a consistent story making use of so many details (including that final encounter between Ama and the fathers) make this series a true gem for me.

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