Shuffle! - 23: Episode 23

Episode:23: Episode 23
Asa is in the hospital again. This time she seems to be going down and the hospital staff think she isn't going to make it.

Rin shows up with some presents from the girls and Ama asks him to go outside. She asks him about the Yggradsil Project. He replies that Nerine and Primula are 2 of the 3 experiments. Ama takes off her hat (Which she has been wearing for all 23 episodes) and reveals she has the Ears and was the #1 experiment that died (sorta) (The hat skillfully hid the ears). She came to Earth in the explosion and met a man and had Asa as a result.

The real reason that Asa is sick is her human body is unable to contain the amount of magic she possesses and the only way to heal her is for Asa to use a lot of magic, but that's the one thing Asa doesn't want to do. Her mom suffered greatly for being a demon and Asa believes that if she uses her magic she will become a demon too and everyone will leave her. (Boy Asa has some identity issues).

Rin goes back to the hospital and asks Asa to use her magic, she refuses. Rin goes to sleep on the chair holding Asa's hand. When he wakes up the bed is empty and Asa has run away.

Ama is Nerine's sister eh?

Wow all the funny in 22 is completely gone in 23. This is the drama back in force. We finally learn that even Asa is involved with the Gods and Demons. Though honestly she is a stupid girl that will die just because she doesn't want to be known as a demon. Hell Kareha (her best friend) is a God after all and she isn't in a bad way.

I am purposefully leaving out a very important item that is in this episode. This way you will go see if for yourself. Watch carefully, that important item is shown twice.

[2007-09-18, Devil Doll:]
20+ minutes of pure suffering once again. (Ama isn't Nerine's sister - we know that Nerine has been chosen as original for a clone due to her ability of handling huge amounts of magic which wasn't the case for Ama.)
As for the item that Forbin mentioned, I wondered about it during the first pass already (and it's one of the best elements of this show that every little bit has a meaning), but only when I rewatched this episode (before watching episode 24) I was able to confirm what he meant, and after thinking it over I correctly guessed its meaning.

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