Shuffle! - 20: Unforgivable Crime

Episode:20: Unforgivable Crime
Story Line
Short Version
Kaede Part 2

Rin is going over to the hospital more and more to see Asa-senpai. He's even ditching school to do it. Asa points out that even if he went to school every day he probably won't get into the same college she is aiming for (and she would enjoy their campus life together...).

Kaede sees less and less of Rin. She's trying to prevent Diclonius mode (See Elfen Lied) but it's a hard battle. Finally she makes a choice and slides into Rin's bed naked. He rejects her.

Rin goes to talk to Asa and she points out that he is always helping people who suffer, so maybe she should suffer more to get his attention? When he leaves you see that Asa has another seizure. Rin sits in the rain thinking about his past life.

Kaede is at home absorbing his rejection. She mutters 'As long as I live with Rin, it'll be ok. I don't care if he is with her, as long as we are together, it's ok'. Rin shows up all wet. He makes an announcement. He is moving out.
So Asa is a demon eh? But she doesn't have any horns, but her mom Ama always wears Cat Ear hats so you can't tell if she has them.

Well that announcement will probably drive Kaede insane (As if she isn't already). I hope Rin has neck protection.

[2007-09-18, Devil Doll:]
High drama mode now permanently enabled. Rin can't possibly stay in Kaede's house any longer but I wonder what Rin can do: Move in at Asa's place already? (Her mother would certainly accept it.) But what if Asa dies? Toss a coin between the princesses then?

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