Shuffle! - 18: The Person Rin Likes

Episode:18: The Person Rin Likes
As everyone is aware of Asa's leading position now, both Nerine and Sia talk Rin-kun into taking Asa out on a date, and in a group effort with Mayumi and Itsuki they make a detailed plan for this operation. But things don't run as expected, even more so as Asa isn't blind.
[2007-09-18, Devil Doll:]
What began as a potentially slapstick episode turned into a great character development episode for Asa who noticed the problem soon and tried to get as much "genuine Rin-kun" as possible while being fully aware of Rin-kun being used to her beating and not expecting anything more caressing from her touch at this stage of the relation... Rin-kun's "confession" in the end was the expected debacle but Asa is obviously willing to give him another chance. (I can hardly believe that quality actually seems to prevail in this series, as Asa would have been my first pick right from the start... and how often would the male lead actually choose the onee-san? Not in Kanon (2006), for example...)
As so often in this series the episode ended with a bang: Apparently Kaede expected the date to fail and prepared Rin-kun's dinner just in case!? It's high time to explore that nightmare now and find out why Kaede doesn't consider herself a contender (despite her unique position of knowing so much about Rin-kun).

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